Don’t Start the Journey Alone

WPA Counselors are here to guide you to a better you.

Running Solo? Let Us Show You the Way to Calmer Waters.

Traversing the seas of mental health problems alone can be a risky business. At WPA Counseling, we specialize in individual counseling so you don’t have to set sail alone. Through depression, anxiety, grief, and more, WPA Counselors are ready to become personally involved in your story so that you can set sail toward sunnier days.

WPA Counseling is Designed to be Your Safe Space-In Person or Online!

Your comfort is our number one priority at WPA Counseling. Our offices for individual counseling are private and conveniently located, but if you can’t make it in, or you’re not in a good head space to go out, WPA Counselors are willing and ready to provide online counseling at a moment’s notice. At WPA Counseling, it’s therapy your way!

Individual Counseling Tailored to You

You are a unique individual and deserve to be treated that way, not with a cookie-cutter approach but with a plan tailored to your unique needs. Individual counseling at WPAC is just that, where we partner with you to understand your needs and desires for your time in treatment. The partnership involves you being the expert on your life and us being the expert on the process. Together we can help you be set free! Our care team is standing by to help you find the right counselor for you.

Ready to Set Sail for a Brighter You?

WPA Counseling is ready to be your lighthouse to find your healthiest mental state.

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