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Services available for your specific mental health needs!

WPA Counseling is a group of diverse counselors who are ready to meet your unique needs at any of our counseling locations. Our professional and compassionate care team is standing by to connect you with the right counselor for your specific needs.

Pennsylvania Counseling Locations

Finding help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression distort how we feel, think, and handle mundane activities such as sleep, nutrition, and work for extended periods of time. Both are among the most effectively treated mental disorders with routine therapy being one of the most effective treatment options.

Family Conflict

Family conflict is inevitable. Dysfunctional families are the rule, not the exception. A functional family is best described as one that handles their dysfunction with love and grace. Every family experiences conflict. It’s still a challenge to navigate though. Oftentimes an outside perspective creates clarity for the family to find resolution.

Emotional Dysfunction

Experiencing abuse or trauma can create toxic beliefs about ourselves that result in feelings of anger, rejection, worthlessness, low self-esteem, shame, emotional shutdown, and self-hatred. Internalizing these poisonous lies leads to emotional dysphoria and dysfunction where we oftentimes create false identities for ourselves.

Grief & Trauma

Grief and trauma can develop deep roots in our identity if left unresolved. Whether it’s childhood trauma, loss of a loved one, sexual trauma, or any other form, it needs resolution. Treatment for trauma and grief involves a counseling professional using evidence-based clinical treatments.

Marriage & Relationships

Marriages and relationships are hard work. There are seasons when communication with our significant others feels impossible. Sometimes deeply rooted or toxic problems arise threatening to destroy a relationship we’ve spent years cultivating. Trained marriage counselors give you the safe space and tools you need to overcome these obstacles.

Problematic Behavior Patterns

Behavior patterns affect people and their loved ones in many different ways. Not only do people struggle with issues with substances, such as alcohol and drugs, but also other behaviors such as sex, pornography, food, video games, social media. Professional counselors guide those suffering and their loved ones from despair to freedom.


Coaching looks at your present functioning along with your future potential in order to help you unlock your giftings, passions, and talents so that you can succeed in being all that you can be. It helps you move beyond your current limitations to set and accomplish your biggest goals in life.

Getting Started

Connect with a Care Team Member

WPA Counseling

Our care team is standing by ready to connect. We believe the healing process begins here. It’s not easy to reach out for help so our care team meets you with warmth and understanding…helping you connect at your pace and based on your needs.

Select a Counselor and Location

WPA Counseling

One of the advantages of WPA Counseling is the diverse group of counselors available to choose from. Our care team will help you pick the right counselor for your needs. If we can’t connect you with one of our counselors we will help you find a referral that will work for you.

Connect with Your Counselor

WPA Counseling

The care team will schedule an appointment for you either in person at one of our locations or online…depending on what works best for you. At your first appointment, your counselor will get to know your needs and desires for your healing journey and establish a plan to help.

Begin Your Healing Journey

WPA Counseling

After a plan is put in place, your counselor will guide you through the process of healing at your pace. We believe the counseling relationship is a partnership. You are the expert on your life and your counselor is the expert on the process. Together we can cart a journey to peace and wellness.

Our Counseling Blueprint

Take off the Mask

WPA Counseling

The first step in the process is to “take off the mask” and be genuine and honest with yourself and your counselor.  This is done through a process of building rapport and trust in the counseling relationship. You were wounded in relationship and it is important to heal in relationship…a safe, accepting and therapeutic relationship with your counselor.

Heal the Wounds

WPA Counseling

Once rapport and trust are established and the mask is off, your counselor will help you explore what has hurt you.  Our wounds (emotional, spiritual, relational and sometimes physical) are the root cause of our suffering and need to be identified and healed.

Remove the Toxins

WPA Counseling

Once you have done some healing work on the things that hurt you, your counselor will help you identify the toxins left behind. These are the lies you believed, consciously or subconsiously at the time of the wounding that can stick with you long after the wound is healed.

Replace with Truth

WPA Counseling

Once the toxic beliefs are removed, there is room for the truth. Your counselor will help you identify the truths about yourself, others, and the world that were stolen from you when you were hurt. To often the counseling process stops with the “heal the wounds” step. At WPA Counseling, we are interested in you believing and living your truth.

Our Counseling Services

We Accept Most Insurance Plans


You don’t have to sail the seas of mental health alone. WPA Counseling offers individual counseling with a licensed therapist who will become the lighthouse you need.


Mistrust, finances, in-laws, WPA Counseling offers comprehensive counseling for a range of issues that commonly strain the relationships of marriage and couples. 


A family unit is a complicated unit. WPA Counseling understands that healthy minds are crucial to keeping a family together and strong through thick and thin.


Sometimes life is overwhelming, and we’re unsure of which of many paths to take next. WPA Counseling is here to give you a nudge in the right direction with accredited coaching.

Your Time is Now!

Your journey to better mental health starts with WPA Counseling.

Connect with a member of our care team who will walk you through the process and get you started with the right counselor for you.