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Healing begins with a single step. Let us walk this journey with you.

Online Counseling in Pennsylvania

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Together, we can find your path to wellness!

Counseling is a partnership. You are the expert on your life while your counselor is the expert on the process of healing and personal growth. 

Why chose Pennsylvania Online Counseling

WPA Counseling offers convenient, effective, and affordable care to clients throughout Pennsylvania. You will connect with a licensed counselor from the convenience of your home, office, car, park, or wherever you can find a quiet place to work on yourself. At WPA Counseling we also accept most insurance plans which makes getting counseling affordable while being easier to access than in-person counseling. 

At WPA Counseling we believe in providing excellent evidence-based care to all of our clients. All of your counselors are vetted and selected based on exceptional clinical and interpersonal skills. In addition, all of our counselors regularly receive supervision and training to be up to date on the most recent developments in the field of counseling. We are here to meet your mental health needs. 


Strength in seeking support.

Who is Pennsylvania Online Counseling for?

WPA Counseling is for anyone wanting to improve their life. If you believe there is more to life than what you have, don’t just wait and hope it gets better (It usually doesn’t) and take the first step by reaching out for help today.

  • Anxiety and Depression – Most people suffer from some degree of anxiety or depression at some point in their lifetime – 1 in 5 Americans live with anxiety or depression on an ongoing basis. It doesn’t have to be this way. 
  • Trauma – We all suffer from trauma! Often we focus on what we call “big T Trauma” and think we haven’t been hurt. But we all have been hurt in our life and have numerous examples of what we call “little t traumas.” The accumlationof these hurts cause maladaptive patterns of behavior and emotions. Counseling can help!
  • Relationship issues – Relationships are hard! Unfortunately, many people just struggle along without the skills to repair relationships and get what they need in these relationship. 
  • Other issues – the other issues counseling helps are too numerous to mention but some examples are: work place stress, grief, stress from illness, rejection/abandonment, attachment issues from adoption or other early childhood traumas, and many more.

Your journey to wellness starts here!

Providing You with Shelter from the Storm.

When we go through life’s storms, we often believe that the pain of healing is greater than the pain of staying the same. However, in decades of counseling, we have never had someone get well and say it wasn’t worth it! Almost always, the pain of changing is significantly less than we anticipate. When we don’t go through the process of healing, it is like being caught in a hurricane always seeking the eye of the storm to find temporary peace. The problem is, the storm is always there and you are never truly free from it. You frequently bump up against it get triggered or have the sinking feeling again. The only way to freedom is through the storm to the other side. Our expert guides know the way!

Your journey to wellness starts here!

Find the Support You Deserve!

Don't Carry the Burden Alone

WPA Counseling Provides Holistic Healing that is Uniquely Designed for Your Needs.

Pennsylvania Online Counseling provides you the tools you need to heal. Call 724-617-5260 to hear about online counseling today. 


Our Counseling Services


You don’t have to sail the seas of mental health alone. WPA Counseling offers individual counseling with a licensed therapist who will become the lighthouse you need.


Mistrust, finances, in-laws, WPA Counseling offers comprehensive counseling for a range of issues that commonly strain the relationships of marriage and couples. 


A family unit is a complicated unit. WPA Counseling understands that healthy minds are crucial to keeping a family together and strong through thick and thin.


Sometimes life is overwhelming, and we’re unsure of which of many paths to take next. WPA Counseling is here to give you a nudge in the right direction with accredited coaching.

The Journey to a Healthier You Starts Here

You don’t have to sail the waves to a healthier mindset alone.

Schedule your free consultation below and let WPA Counseling be your lighthouse.

Find the Right Counselor For You

To best meet your needs, we have several counselors with different backgrounds and specialties. You can read their profiles and have an idea of who you think would be a good fit when you call the office.

First Call

You’ll be greeted warmly by one of our friendly intake coordinators. They are eager to meet and get to know you. Once they get a sense of your story and goals, they will take some of your basic information and schedule you for a free 30 minute consult.

Meet your Counselor

Meet one of our counselors, and have an opportunity to dive in a little deeper about the needs and goals you have for your wellness journey. Typically our care team matches you with the right counselor for you. However, on occasion, it ends up not being a good fit. No worries, just let us know and we will match you with a different counselor who can better meet your needs.

Schedule Your Sessions

Once you’ve connected with one of our counselors, you two will be ready to embark on your wellness journey. Our online counseling makes it simple for you to get the care you need when it’s convenient for you. After your first session, your counselor will work out a schedule for sessions that works for you as well as a treatment plan that you agree to so there are no surprises. 


Congratulations! You are beginning your wellness journey, and this journey together will be transformational. Together we will explore dark, scary recesses of your Self and jubilantly scale peaks. No matter what, your counselor will be fully committed to using all the best tools for your success. When you go all-in too, you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.





Ready to make a change? Contact us and start your path to healing and connection. We're here for you.