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Let us Walk Beside You on the Path to Healing


You are not alone in your journey. The support and guidance of a counselor can be a lighthouse in the storm, illuminating your path to a brighter, more peaceful shore.

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Exploring Trauma

Don’t be defined by your trauma. It’s time to take control and rewrite your story! Trauma therapy in Pittsburgh at WPA Counseling is a place where you will be heard and understood. Everyone’s experience with trauma is different so our approach with each client is also different and is designed to address the whole you.

We believe it is important for clients to gain knowledge about trauma and its impact on them in order to free them from feelings of guilt and shame as well as the misconception that one can “just get over it.” Your counselor will help you take back control of your life, dispute the false messages that came from the trauma, and embrace the truth about yourself.

Our Trauma Therapy Approach

At WPA Counseling we offer therapy for trauma in the greater Pittsburgh area and online throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our services are tailored specifically for your unique needs and desires for your healing journey. We utilize evidence-based practices blended with compassionate care to provide client-centered care that works.

Our therapists are trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment and relationship therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness practices, and more. These approaches are customized for your specific needs. Your treatment will reflect the fact that you are a unique individual.

At WPA Counseling our trauma therapy in the Pittsburgh area incorporates a collaborative approach. We believe you are the expert on your life and we learn from you about your experiences. We are experts on the process and collaborate with you to provide an effective healing process.


Building Resilience and Empowerment

Trauma therapy is not just about managing symptoms it is about building resilience and empowerment. Our focus is on long-term stability in the healing process. This involves doing repair work at the root of where you where hurt so you can develop new beliefs about yourself, others, and the world.

During the process, you will develop essential coping skills as well as strategies to restore a sense of identity and the ability to thrive despite your past wounds. We desire for you to have a fulfilling life free from the weight of your trauma.

Empathetic and Skilled Team of Counselors

At WPA Counseling, our team consists of skilled and empathetic therapists with specialization in trauma counseling. Every therapist brings unique expertise in their healing processes that we draw on for guidance at WPA. We are a team and support each other in their work with each individual so you not only get the expertise of your counselor but also that of our entire team.

We are dedicated to continued professional growth, staying informed on all of the most cutting-edge therapies and developments for trauma therapy, to ensure our clients receive effective yet compassionate care. All of our counselors are provided with ongoing supervision, training, and professional development.  They are each on a journey of growing and developing as they help you on your journey.

Your current struggle is not your final destination. Every session, every conversation, and every insight gained in counseling brings you closer to reclaiming your light and your life.