CounselingPolitical Anxiety Is Happening To Everyone

Political Division Rises

I can’t recall a time in my life when politics where more talked about, publicized, and feared.  The term “influencing” has opened the doors to newfound political exposure and not everyone is happy about it all.  In fact, we’ve seen a rise in division and polarization surrounding political topics, leading to an increase in stress and unease for many. Some are afraid to speak their mind, have lost friends due to their opinions, and therefore avoid conversations and even events!  Termed “political stress,” this phenomenon can cause political anxiety and can be a challenge to navigate.

Recognizing Symptoms

Political stress can bring about physical signs similar to general anxiety. This includes symptoms like headaches, elevated heart rate, perspiration, exhaustion, and stomach discomfort.  Emotionally, individuals may grapple with feelings of being overwhelmed, fearful, frustrated, or angered by political events or discussions. The uncertainty of the future or feelings of despair might even dominate their thoughts.  To sidestep the distress, many might choose to avoid political conversations, media channels, or even gatherings where political subjects might come up.  This steady flow of political news and the weight of its implications can distract and make it tough to focus on daily chores or long-term ventures.

How To Cope

Engaging with professional counselors here at WPA Counseling can offer relief to those experiencing these symptoms. Our counselors create an unbiased, accepting environment where individuals can discuss and process their feelings without fear of conflict.  They can introduce various tools and techniques to combat stress, from mindfulness practices to cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Engaging in dialogue with one of our counselors can assist in giving clarity and a holistic perspective on one’s concerns, allowing them to see beyond the immediate emotional reactions.

How We Can Help

Political stresses, prevalent in our times, can indeed be handled. While personal coping methods are of great value, there’s often a need for external input. We’re here to help with in-person and online counseling to help you deal with these stresses so you can learn how to feel confident in your opinions and how to successfully handle hard situations when asked to express them.

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